Local Kid Makes Good, Going Far

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Local Kid Makes Good, Going Far
WKA National Champion

Jordan Decker

Everyone loves a story about an average young person who sets an exceptional goal and succeeds.

Well, hold the presses; we have such a story:

This past June, Mesa AZ high school senior, Jordan Decker, traveled to Virginia to compete in the World Kickboxing Association’s National Championships to determine who are the best kickboxing athletes in the country.

Turns out Jordan is.  Over the course of a 12 hour day, jordan fought 3 fights, winning the first two by TKO and the last at midnight by decission.  “It was exhausting. I didn’t think I could finish that last fight, but the crowd started yelling my name and, I don’t know, just didn’t feel like I could let them down, so I just kept moving forward and throwing blows,” Jordan said.

Good thing he did, because now he is the WKA’s National Junior Champion in the K1 Muay Thai division.  What’s more, the WKA invited Jordan to join the U.S. Team and travel to Edinburgh, Scotland for the 2010 WKA Amateur World Championships October 23, 2010 for a shot at a world title.

Jordan tells us that, “this is a great opportunity, but it’s not cheap. I have to raise my own money to make the trip, so it’s like working twice as hard for this fight.

We want to give this kid a chance to show he is not a flash in the pan, so we’ve set him up a blog and a Facebook Fan Page.  Please visit his site at http://jordankickboxing.com, chip in a few buck, and follow his progress.

Kick butt, Jordan.

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