Suggested gear for PC Kickboxing Class

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As promised, attached is a list of suggested Kickboxing Gear.

First priority is to get your handwraps and jumprope.  The hand wraps should be the “Mexican” style, extra long (180), with a little elastic in them.

Second priority is to get boxing gloves – 16 oz.

Third, do buy “Thai” style shin guards, but this equipment won’t be necessary for the first six weeks.

The other equipment on the list is not necisary (i.e. focus might, fight shorts, etc.) but I thought you might be interested in what is available.

I frequently purchase equipment from Combat Sports International, but you can buy your gear anywhere you like.  For instance, many of the big box sports retails now carry martial art and combat sport equipment.  Also, sometimes used sporting goods retailers, such as “Play it Again Sports“, have equipment at good prices.  There is one in Mesa (Sports Exchange) near the US60 and Country Club that usually has a good selection.  Finally “Karate Mart” near Indian School and 15th avenue, in Phoenix, might be a good place to check out.

Now quit sitting in front of the computer you slugs and go run.

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