A”rousey”ing Victory!

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A”rousey”ing Victory!

ufc-184-rousey-vs-zingano-previa-do-card-principalTwo fighters. One title. Fastest submission in UFC history. Do I have you hooked yet? Well unless you’ve been living under a rock, you most likely have heard about the record shattering defeat Ronda Rousey had over Cat Zingano this past weekend during UFC 184. People from all over the world were waiting (not so patiently I might add) for THE fight of the night and it’s safe to say they were not disappointed. Rousey ended the fight only 14 seconds into the first round with her signature arm bar, setting a new record and making UFC history. It left not only the crowd, but also her opponent Zingano stunned since there was so much talk surrounding this fight, with many claiming it could be the one that snatches away Rousey’s title as the UFC women’s bantamweight champion. But if you saw the way Rousey entered the octagon with her team, a look of sheer ferocity on her face, you would know that she was not worried at all about defending her title. And she proved that she was still the champion by defeating Zingano faster than anyone thought possible and reclaiming her belt in front of everyone. But with Zingano being one of the last women left in Rousey’s weight class, the question on everyone’s mind is who will she fight next?  Will Miesha Tate, whom Rousey has already fought and defeated twice now, be up for the challenge once again? Or will Cat Zingano get the rematch she was begging for mere seconds after the fight ended? I’m just as anxious as you to find out.cat.zingano.ronda.rousey.ufc.on.fox.800

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