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fall leavesEvery season is laced with some reason to enjoy and look forward. This is especially true of fall and autumn. The sheer kaleidoscope of color is reason enough. Some may say that the end of the endless sun, summer fun days at the beach or lake can make the family groan, but the shorter days means kicking the kids out from under your feet and back into school, which gives moms and dads a little more “me time”. Not to mention being able to dig those cool sweaters out of your drawers and stylish boots from the back of the closet.

But beware…

Fall also means the zombie, melancholy doldrums can be lurking too. And all those pre-holiday urges to curl up by a warm fire and eat oneself into a pre-New Year’s comma. All kinds of Jack-o-lantern crafts are starting to show up on doorsteps and front porches all over your neighborhood. And that mean pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and pumpkin spiced goodies videos are showing up on your Facebook news-feeds.

And the kids want only the best candies which are prominently displayed at the end of every end-cap at your corner grocery store. So you buy early, in preparation for all those “All Hallows’ Eve” trick-r-treaters, but now those chocolate little devils are temping your will power. And don’t let the names “fun sized” or “snack sized” fool you. They pack plenty-o-calories. A recent MENSFITNESS.COM article explains it this way:

Fun Sized Calories

Fun Sized Calories

So is the answer to lock the door and turn out the lights?
We don’t think so. Live a little. Enjoy your favorite Halloween goodies, but keep your portions in check and follow it up with a few rounds of fitness at your gym or with your trainer. Fall is no reason to skip out on the gym and give up on your fitness goals. If the gym is not on the schedule this pre-holiday season or if the trainer is not in the budget, we suggest this short, less than 20 minute workout. All you’ll need is a timer and a jump-rope:

  • Round 1
    2 minute round of Jump-rope
    1 minute interval of abs crunches or sit-ups
    2 minute round of shadow boxing. (start with the basics – jab, jab cross, jab cross kick)
  • Round 2
    2 minute round of Jump-rope
    1 minute interval of push-ups (from the knees is fine. Just keep that back straight. No sagging butts, or butts in the air.)
    2 minute round of shadow boxing. (again the basics are fine.)
  • Round 3
    2 minute round of Jump-rope
    1 minute interval of squats (feet at least shoulder width; bend at the knees – not the back – to a seated position.)
    2 minute round of shadow boxing.

How many calories you burn depends on a number of variables, but most fitness professionals estimate one will burn 200 to 300 calories during a 20 minute Kickboxing workout out. If you keep your urges in check and stick to at least 20 to 30 minutes a day of physical activities, there is no reason to let this season of disappearing light haunt you.

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