Ten Action Steps for Safe & Healthy Holidays

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Thousands of candles1. Plan your time off to included physical activity. Play with your children and grandchildren. Skate, ski, walk, jog, ride your bike and do some light work on the heavy bag and shadow box.

2. Share yourself. People who are more isolated tend to be less healthy. Be with people you trust and feel good around, even if  you feel down.

3. Bring a smile to the face of another and yourself. Volunteer to help someone in need. Donate your time and energy. Maybe donate toys to children.

4. Plan to limit your alcohol consumption. If you’re going to imbibe, start with a tall glass of water, mix in some non-alcoholic drinks, such as fruit juice. And always end the night with a glass of water.

5. Plan to eat well. Especially if you’re going to imbibe. Food helps slow alcohol absorption.

6. Never drink alcohol and drive. Someone dies in an impaired driver accident every 51 minutes. And DUI related accidents cost society approximately $51 billion each year. Designate a sober driver.

7. Never leave fireplaces, space heaters, stoves or candles unattended. Unplug holiday ornaments and decorations when you go to bed or leave the house.

8. Eat fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

9. Do not over commit to holiday functions. Don’t stress out. Relax and enjoy the season.

10. If you plan to travel, give yourself extra time and plan your travels well in advance. Make a “to do” list and check it twice.

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