Double Down with Cross Training

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Feeling stuck in a rut reaching your fitness goals? The answer: Cross train. When you’re looking to improve overall, you don’t just focus on one thing and expect to reach your goals. You have to strengthen the weaknesses that are causing you to be tired, injured, slow, or not strong enough. To get the best level of fitness, you need to be a well-rounded athlete. And, a well-rounded athlete will always have more than one form of training in their regimen.

Stretch it out

Kaitlin Scorpion Desire Yoga BW.jpg (2)If you’re finding yourself with nagging injuries, it may be more than a need to grow your martial arts practice or become a better runner. Your tight muscles and connective tissue may need some special attention. Adding in yoga to your practice can help with common issues like tendinitis, IT band injuries, or pulled muscles. Yoga can also assist with recovery from those tough workouts and take your combat or cardio sport to the next level with added flexibility.

If you have a recovery day in your week, instead of taking a slow run or an easier class at the gym, opt for a non-impact, active recovery day. Not only will you build strength in parts of your body you may not be targeting in your martial arts practice, but you’ll relieve some of the soreness accumulated in your high intensity workouts. A study published by the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that a swim set was the most efficient method for clearing blood lactate (the chemical produced by the body at high levels of exertion that can cause, through methods to complicated to explain here, soreness and muscle fatigue).

Recommended cross training: yoga, Pilates, swimming, cycling, rowing

Go the distance

Lacing up shoesEach body is different. Some are more prone to lean muscle, some to dense. But, to improve overall fitness, you have to work for both. Maybe you’re the latter and you can land the power shots and grapple with force.  But, thirty minutes into your training, you’re exhausted. In Thailand’s Muay Thai gyms, their philosophy is simple, “You don’t run, you don’t fight.” The ability to last through training, sparring, or fighting is built on a strong base of endurance and stamina.

Recommended cross training: distance running, swimming, cycling, conditioning classes

Get strong

You’re the energizer bunny- you go, go, go and go. But, you don’t have the power you want. Or, maybe you’re naturally a lean body type and you want to focus on healthy muscle. Not every day has to be spent in the gym on the weights. You can add a simple weights routine from your living room or garage, or spend 10 extra minutes after your training to build some body strength. You’ll increase power, muscle tone, and overall health. There are some great body weight workouts available online if you’re not sure where to start.

Recommended cross training: yoga, Pilates, body weight work (pushups, pull-ups, sit ups, squats), strength and conditioning class

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