Martial Arts Misconceptions

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If you’ve done any form of martial arts or combat sports, you’ve probably heard most of these questions, among others.

“Um, why?”

3389564822_0925d90208_oLook, everyone comes to martial arts for their own reasons: fitness, discipline, getting fight ready, joining a community. But, at the end of the day, we show up because we love it. If it wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t be here. We’d probably opt for the treadmill at the gym. But, I’d pick hitting a bag over hitting the gym any day of the week. For a lot of us, it’s an incredible workout that a) isn’t boring and b) isn’t super time consuming. In an hour of bag and pad work in a Muay Thai, class you can burn upwards of 900 calories (depending on your weight and the intensity of the session).

“So you’re basically Karate Kid?”

Maybe? I sometimes think I am until I see myself in the mirrors at the gym. In reality, if you’re at a quality martial arts gym that’s focused on giving you a great foundation of skills and building your fitness, you’re probably working on the basics most of the time. You’re definitely not going to walk into a gym for the first time and ask the trainer to teach you a spinning back elbow, a cartwheel kick, or some takedown involving a back flip and expect them not to laugh. You don’t usually spend an entire training session learning to break a tree with your shin or execute some spinning kick off of a pile of mats.

“Oh, man I better stay away from you. You could beat me up.”

Well, I never had violent or aggressive tendencies before, but now that I have been taught how to effectively punch someone, I’m going to right out and do it.  NO.

This is a really common misconception box-62867_640about martial arts. Martial arts (largely, traditionally, and as a whole), are not there to help people cause a fight. If you walked into your gym after a weekend of bar fights and hitting random passersby because you have the ability to, I’m pretty sure your trainer would NOT be pleased. Also, you’d probably have a couple of assault charges against you. Not a fun way to end your weekend.

“But, you’re a girl!”

And you’re a (insert gender affiliation here). Was there a question in there somewhere?

“But, isn’t everyone, like, weird?”

Okay, yes. Because, EVERYONE is weird. We all have our quirks, those things that make us different than other people. Have you MET a normal person? I mean, really?

Martial arts and combat sports are vulnerable practices. You can’t hide your weaknesses or pretend to be an expert. That tough guy / girl act will NOT hold up if you can’t actually back it up. Inevitably, everyone’s weird comes out. You have to trust your sparring partners and the trainers who hold pads for you. If you can trust someone to punch you in the face, you can trust them to not even blink when you tell them you’re such a Trekkie you can speak Klingon… not that I know anyone like that.


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