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Ten Action Steps for Safe & Healthy Holidays

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1. Plan your time off to included physical activity. Play with your children and grandchildren. Skate, ski, walk, jog, ride your bike and do some light work on the heavy bag and shadow box. 2. Share yourself. People who are more isolated tend to be less healthy. Be with people you trust and feel good around, even if  you feel down. 3. Bring a smile to the face of another and yourself. Volunteer to help someone in need. Donate your time and energy. Maybe donate toys to children. 4. Plan to limit your alcohol consumption. If you’re going to imbibe, start with a tall glass of water, mix...

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Every season is laced with some reason to enjoy and look forward. This is especially true of fall and autumn. The sheer kaleidoscope of color is reason enough. Some may say that the end of the endless sun, summer fun days at the beach or lake can make the family groan, but the shorter days means kicking the kids out from under your feet and back into school, which gives moms and dads a little more “me time”. Not to mention being able to dig those cool sweaters out of your drawers and stylish boots from the back of the closet. But beware… Fall also means the zombie, melancholy doldrums can be...

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This article, “Judo’s Decline: Is it Your (Our) Fault? The Business and Art of Teaching and Spreading Judo” was recently posted to the International Freestyle Judo Alliance’sFacebook Group and started a very stimulating and insightful discussion.  One post in particular by my colleague, Chuck Drust, was very eloquent and informative and I got his permission to share it with you here.  He writes: For several years now I’ve been surveying my incoming students to find out why they were taking Judo. It is a section right on my registration form; if other martial arts schools do this, I am...

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The Hidden Valley Challenge

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Hiking is a great cross-training  activity that allows for a long caloric burn, improves cardio health and conditions muscles, especially leg strength. South Mountain Park is a great place to take our “fit” finding mission and enjoy the beautiful weather before the oppressive heat of the spring and summer months are upon us. South Mountain is the largest city park in the nation and also one of the largest urban parks in the country too.  Don’t miss out getting to know one of Phoenix’s most special points of pride. There are beautiful natural desert scenes and great views of the city. Getting...

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Suggested gear for PC Kickboxing Class

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Students: As promised, attached is a list of suggested Kickboxing Gear. First priority is to get your handwraps and jumprope.  The hand wraps should be the “Mexican” style, extra long (180), with a little elastic in them. Second priority is to get boxing gloves – 16 oz. Third, do buy “Thai” style shin guards, but this equipment won’t be necessary for the first six weeks. The other equipment on the list is not necisary (i.e. focus might, fight shorts, etc.) but I thought you might be interested in what is available. I frequently purchase equipment from...

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