This is NOT your average run-of-the-mill aerobic routine  and there are few athletes as fit as the professional fighter.

Well, you don’t have to be a champion to train like one.  In our cardio intensive, fat burning, muscle toning, full body workout, you will burn more calories than in most exercise routines while having fun learning practical self-defense moves to hi-energy dance music.

Classes are taught by experienced martial art professionals in a safe, clean, non-contact environment.

Students will see immediate results in the form of reduced stress, weight loss, improved stamina, flexibility and muscle coordination. Recommended as base level conditioning for martial arts students, professional and recreational athletes and individuals wishing to improve overall fitness levels.e217dce79a22d7ce58e9274e82cdea9e

Kickboxing (PED101KB) 1 Credit – Fall 2015

Techniques to increase muscular endurance and strength, enhance flexibility and increase body awareness and self-confidence. Jabs, kicks, and blocks will be used in this martial arts based workout. Prerequisites: None. Note: PED101KB may be repeated for credit.

Class# Semester Location Delivery Dates Days Times
13953 Fall 2015 Phoenix
S Gym
In Person 08/31/201512/09/2015 M,W 6:10PM- 7:05PM

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