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The Advanced Combative Tactics (A.C.T.) system is a set of nine expandable and evolving strategies that take a beginner from novice to defensive tactics expert in as little time as possible.  Separate strategies are covered for emotional state as well as intent of use.  Whether your intent is self-defense, arrest and control or combat application, the A.C.T. system has it all.  Covering the gambit from hand to hand to small arms of various types in offensive and defensive applications, the A.C.T. system gives you the cutting edge in close quarter combative. 

In our A.C.T. I seminar, presents the A.C.T. system’s first strategy in hand to hand combat against an unarmed assailant.  No matter if you face a single assailant or multiple attackers this strategy could mean the difference between life and death.


Defensive Tactics (AJS150) 1 Credit (Seminar)

Note: AJS150 may be repeated for a total of three (3) credit hours.


Basic self-defense skills, ground-fighting skills, and stand-up fighting capabilities. Modified for all skill levels. Practice is based on real-life experiences and endurance enhanced drills. Develops self confidence. Prerequisites: None. Note: PED101DF may be repeated for credit.

Class# Semester Location Delivery Dates Days Times
17568 Spring 2016 Phoenix
In Person 03/25/201603/26/2016 F,Sat 3:00PM- 7:00PM

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