About Us

No boring run-of-the-mill aerobic routines here. This is where extreme fitness converges with powerful skills giving, pound for pound, more fun and accomplishment than you will find at any of those big box gyms.  Kickboxing is one of the world’s most popular and fastest growing sports and there are few athletes as fit as a professional fighter.Well, you don’t have to be a champion to train like one. In our cardio intensive, fat burning, muscle toning, full body workouts, you will burn more calories than in most exercise routines while having fun learning practical self-defense moves to hi-energy music.kickboxing_fitness_scroller

Our classes are taught by experienced professional trainers in a safe, clean, non-contact environment and our experts give the most cut-edge information, advice and training methods available.
With our help and support, you will get the results you’ve been wanting in the form of weight loss, strength, improved stamina, flexibility and coordination, as well as reduced stress and increased confidence. Fighting Fit AZ is recommended for men and women, professionals and recreational athletes or anyone who wants to reach new peaks in their overall fitness levels.

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